Zoning System Benefits: How Zoning can help Cool and Heat Your Home

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When you’re looking for a way to reign in cooling and

heating costs for your home without

sacrificing comfort, consider the many zoning system

benefits. A zoned home is one that has been divided

into sections based on each zone’s need for

conditioning. Instead of treating the house as a single

unit, a zoned home uses a network of ductwork ,

dampers and thermostats to send the conditioned air

where it’s needed.


It’s a rare home that requires the same amount of cooling and heating throughout . If your any

of these characteristics, you should benefit from a

zoning system.

– Two or more stories

– A livable basement.

– Rooms that you seldom use.

– Areas with large windows.

– Parts of the home that have significant northern or western exposure.

– Open areas or rooms with high ceiling plates or vaults.

– family members with different preferences or needs for cooler or warmer temperatures.

Depending on the size of your home and its floorplan layout, you may need two or more zones. Each zone

requires its own thermostat or temperature sensor and zone damper. Each thermostat connects to a central

control panel that turns the HVAC system on when that particular zone needs conditioned air.

Zoning systems can be installed as part of an HVAC replacement , new home construction, or as an upgrade for existing systems. Manufactures make motorized dampers that fit most ductwork, and Nordine’s HVAC can install the thermostats and control panels , along with calibrating them.

Zoning system benefits include :

Lower energy costs: Just as you wouldn’t turn on every light in your home when you just need light in one space, a zoning system saves energy dollars. It costs much less to condition just one are in your home

than it does to condition the entire space.

Less noise: Because your HVAC system wont operate at peak capacity most of the time , the air blowing

through the ductwork and the air -handling equipment will make less noise.

Improved comfort: Homes with different levels are often a challenge to keep evenly comfortable, but with

a zoning system, it’s possible to keep temperatures comfortable regardless of the cooling and heating load

in each section of your home. Two story homes are usually warmer upstairs than down, but with zoning

system, you can adjust the thermostat for even comfort regardless of the location of the spaces. Basements are typically cooler than upstairs , but with a zoning system , you can turn temperature up in the

basement when you plan to use it without overheating the rest of the house.

-Convenience: Having thermostats that control the separate areas in your home makes it more convenient

to change the temperature when you plan to use a particular zone . Being able to control the temperature in

a basement area you don’t use frequently by having the thermostat just steps away saves trips up the

stairs until you get the temperature just right.

-Installing programmable thermostats: in each zone adds even more benefits, especially if you chose

thermostats that have sensors that detect whether the zone is occupied. With programmable devices, you

can set each zone to your ideal temperature only when your planning on using it. Smart and Wi-Fi

thermostats also give you the option of controlling the zones remotely anywhere you have internet access.

-Longer HVAC system life also is among zoning system benefits. One of the most significant zoning system benefits is the longevity it adds to your HVAC system. Since the equipment rarely runs at top speed , its components aren’t stressed.

– It’s also a much better way to manage the temptation to close registers in a room you seldom use and shut

the door. When you close off a room to save energy, it can damage the ductwork by increasing the air

pressure . The ducts may eventually loosen and creat leaks that drive up enegy bills. These leaks also

degrade indoor air quality and can backdraft carbon monoxide if you have any vented gas appliances.

For more information about zoning systems benefits , please contact Nordine’s Heating & Cooling . We’ve provoded outstanding HVAC services for the Bloomington Normal area for over 50 years.





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