How to Know When the Life Span of Your Air Conditioner Is Nearing Its End

A well running air conditioner is essential to maintain the comfort level in your home during the hot, humid summer months. If you’re uncertain about your A/C’s reliability, knowing if its approaching the end of its service life can help you make a smart decision about replacement before the equipment fails. If your seeing the following signs , it’s time to start exploring your options:

-The A/C is getting older: An average air conditioner life span ia about 15 years. If yours is over 10 years old, you’re probably seeing a gradual decline in its efficiency, cooling capabilities and reliability even if you’ve maintained it with annual , professional tune-ups. Replacing an older A/C before these age related issues progress too far can save you headaches, inconvenience an cost of future equipment breakdowns.

-High energy bills: If your summer electric bills are unreasonably high , your aging cooling equipment is a likely culprit. An older air conditioner’s declining energy efficiency ratio (SEER) can both drive drive up your operating cost. Ten years ago the standard was just 10 (SEER). Efficiency ratings today range from a minimum of 13 all the way up to 24 (SEER). If you have a 10 SEER unit cooling your home , you could save 60 percent on summer energy consumption by upgrading to a new 16 SEER A/C. Choosing Energy Star rated equipment could boost your energy savings by another 15 percent.

-Excess humidity problems: As an older A/C’s cooling capabilities wane , it starts losing its ability to circulate air effectively and dehumidify a living space properly. If you’re running an air conditioner that’s starting to show its age in this way, your home will stay uncomfortably sticky on hot humid days. Overtime your air quality can degrade due to mold and mildew growth. You can also start smelling musty odors and discover damage to the furniture , carpets, paint, ceilings, wood flooring and trim.

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